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Current Edition: September 2023

Executive Director Connie Newman leads the largest group of Senior Communities in the Province of Manitoba.  Under her leadership, the group works diligently to improve the lives and rights of Older Adults in the Province of Manitoba. 

We are thrilled to have Connie here once again at the Expos in person to showcase her association member venue and services...Please visit her and members of MASC at the MASC table.

Each show will have a Main MASC Venue Host

and where available, additional MASC member

tables residing within each shows immediate area.

They will present their individual programs and

packages for our older adult populations


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Manitoba Association

of Senior Communities

We are so pleased to have the fine folks from Senior Scope Newspaper as our ‘Print Partner’ for the Expos.  Senior Scope is celebrating over 20 years in business with and for our community!


Local News, Wellness Columns, Services and Products for Your continued Health and Active Living!

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What do our Expos Partners mean to us?

The Expos are a reality because our Partnership group and Advisory core is

comprised of leaders in the fields of Health & Well-Being for our Older Adult Population.

The years of experience here helps guide the Expos in our purpose and ultimate success!

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