MASC Manitoba Association of Senior Communities


Charleswood Senior Centre Inc.

5006 Roblin Blvd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 0G7

(204) 897-5263

What are Senior Communities?

Senior Communities are health promoting, capacity building, and community focal points on aging where older persons come together for services and activities that enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in and with the community.

Senior centres are open to all individuals 55 years and older, or retired.
Senior centres provide programs that offer core health services, are governed by a community-based board of directors, respond to diverse needs of older persons, hire professionals, provide education, develop innovative programming approaches, and are a community resource for information on aging.

The Philosophy of MASC

Aging is a normal part of the developmental process. We all need peers with whom they can interact and who are available as a source of encouragement and support. As older adults we have the right to have a voice in determining matters in which we have a vital interest. A person’s sense of well-being is enhanced when one obtains balance and satisfaction in the various personal components, such as emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. Members and Volunteers form the backbone of senior centres.

Our Mission

The Association is a provincial focal point to facilitate communication, networking and planning among senior communities and raise their profiles. The Association also assists in the development of senior centres and collaborates with other senior serving organizations.


Association of

Senior Communities

(MASC) Member Directory

20 Fort Street Seniors Club

2200 - 20 Fort Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4L3

(204) 250-8644

Winnipeg & Area Locations (Alphabetical - by Centre)

Creative Retirement Manitoba Inc.

448 Burnell Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2B4

(204) 949-2569

South Winnipeg Seniors

Resource Council

#117 - 1 Morley Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2P4

(204) 478-6169

A&O Support Services for Older Adults Inc.

200 - 207 Donald Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1M5

(204) 956-6440 | Toll Free: 1-888-333-3121

Archwood 55 Plus Inc.

565 Guilbault St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 4A3

(204) 416-1067

Bleak House Centre

1637 Main St

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 1Y8

(204) 338-4723

Broadway Seniors Resource Council

823 Ellice Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0C3

(204) 772-3533

Brooklands Active Living Centre Inc.

1960 William Ave. W

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2R 0C4

(204) 632-8367

Centro Caboto Centre (Italian Seniors)

1055 Wilkes Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 2L7

  1. (204)487-4597 ext. 30

Cresecent Fort Rouge United Church 55+

525 Wardlaw Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0L9

(204) 489-1925

Dakota Community Centre

1188 Dakota Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 2H4

(204) 254-1010 ext. 217

Dufferin Senior Citizens Inc.

377 Dufferin Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 2Y2

(204) 986-2608

Elmwood - East Kildonan

Active Living Centre

180 Poplar Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L 2C3

(204) 669-0750

Good Neighbours Active Living Centre

720 Henderson Highway

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0Z5

(204) 669-1710

Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre

1588 Main Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 1Y3

(204) 339-1701

Manitoba Korean 55+ Centre

900 - 150 River Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0A9

(204) 996-7003

Pembina Active Living 55+

170 Fleetwood Rd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 1R3

(204) 946-0839

Rady Jewish Community Centre

B100 - 123 Doncaster St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 2B3

(204) 477-7539

Rainbow Resource Centre

170 Scott St

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0L3

(204) 474-0212 ext. 211

Southdale Seniors

254 Lakewood Blvd

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 3A2

(204) 253-4599

St. James Assiniboia 55+ Centre

3 - 203 Duffield Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0H6

(204) 987-8850

St. Mary's Road Seniors

613 St. Mary's Road

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 3L8

(204) 257-0678

Transcona Council for Seniors Inc.

845 Regent Avenue West

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 3A9

(204) 222-9879

Transcona Retired Citizen Organization

328 Whitter Ave. W.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C1Z8

(204) 222-8473

Vital Seniors

3 St. Vital Road

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 1Z2

(204) 253-0555

Winakwa Active Seniors Club.

FKA: Highsteppers

980 Winakwa Rd

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 1E7

(204) 253-4418

Winnipeg Chinese Senior Association

Winnipeg, Manitoba R0R 0R0

(204) 291-9028

For more information please visit:

Beau-Head Seniors Association Inc.

645 Park Avenue

Beausejour, Manitoba R0E 0C0

(204) 268-2444

Brandon Seniors for Seniors Co-op Inc.

311 Park Avenue East,

Brandon, Manitoba R7A 7A4

(204) 571-2052

Carman Active Living Centre

47 ED Belfour Drive

Carman, Manitoba R0G 0J0

  1. (204)745-2356

Jubilee Recreation of Cranberry Portage

217 - 2nd Ave SE

Cranberry Portage, Manitoba R0B 0H0

(204) 472-3031

Crystal City and District

Friendship Club Inc.

117 Broadway St

Crystal City, Manitoba R0K 0NO

(204) 873-2091

Dauphin Active Living Centre Inc.

55 - 1st Avenue SE

Dauphin, Manitoba R7N 2A2

(204) 638-6485

Comfort Drop In Spot

31 Main Street

Erickson, Manitoba R0J 0P0

(204) 636-7895

Gimli New Horizons 55+ Centre Inc.

17 North Colonization Rd

Box 1821

Gimli, Manitoba R0C 1B0

(204) 642-7909

Grand Marais & District Senior Citizens Inc.

36058 PTH 12

P.O. Box 238

Grand Marais, Manitoba R0E 0T0

(204) 770-6124

Provincial Locations (Alphabetical - by Location)

Grandview Senior Drop In Centre (The)

432 Main Street

Grandview, Manitoba R0L 0Y0

(204) 546-2272

Sandy Lake Drop In Centre

100 Main Street

Sandy Lake, Manitoba R0J 1X0

(204) 585-2411

Killarney Service for Seniors

203 South Railway

Killarney, Manitoba R0K 1G0

(204) 523-7115

Minnedosa Senior Citizens Association

31 Main St. South

Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0

(204) 867-1956

Morden Activity Centre

306 North Railway Street

Morden, Manitoba R6M 1S7

(204) 822-3555

Neepawa Drop In Centre

310 Davidson Street

Neepawa, Manitoba R0J 1H0

(204) 476-5103

Pilot Mound Fellowship Club Inc.

203 Broadway

Pilot Mound, Manitoba R0G 1P0

(204) 825-2436

Plumas Senior Citizens Club Inc.

102 White Street E

Plumas, Manitoba R0J 1P0

(204) 386-2029

Herman Prior Senior Services Centre Inc.

40 Royal Road N

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba R1N 1V1

(204) 857-6951

Portage Service for Seniors Inc.

40 Royal Road North

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba R1N 1V1

(204) 239-6312

Riverton Seniors Activity Centre

12 Main Street

Riverton, Manitoba R0C 2R0

  1. (294)378-2800

Gordon Howard Centre

384 Eveline Street

Selkirk, Manitoba R1A 1N3

(204) 785-2092

Snow Lake Senior Centre

71 BalsamStreet

Snow Lake, Manitoba R0B 1M0

(204) 358-2151

Swan River & District Community

Resource Council

126 - 6th Avenue N.

Swan River, Manitoba R0L 1Z0

(204) 734-5707

The Pas Golden Agers

324 Ross Avenue

The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1L1

(204) 623-3663


East Beaches Resource Centre

Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E 2A0

(204) 756-6471

Treherne Friendship Centre

190 Broadway

Treherne, Manitoba R0G 2V0

(204) 723-2559

East Beaches Social Scene

#3 Ateah Rd

Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E 2C0

(204) 756-6468

Winkler & District MP Senior Centre

102 - 650 South Railway Avenue

Winkler, Manitoba R6W 0L6

(204) 325-8964

Fort Garry Seniors Resource Council

200 - 207 Donald Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1M5

(204) 792-1913

Headingley Seniors' Services Inc.

5353 Portage Avenue

Headingley, Manitoba R4H 1J9

(204) 889-3132

Indigenous Senior Resource Centre Inc.

527 Selkirk Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R4H 1J9

(204) 5864595

North Centennial Seniors Association of Winnipeg Inc.

86 Sinclair St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5T5

(204) 582-0066

North Point Douglas Senior Centre

244 Jarvis Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3A2

Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre

51 Morrow Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 1A5

(204) 946-9153

Sri Lankan Seniors Manitoba

113 Stan Bailie Drive

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3A2

  1. (204)888-8253

Flin Flon Seniors

2 North Avenue

Flin Flon, Manitoba R8A 0T1

(204) 687-7301

Gilbert Plains and District Community Resource Council Inc.

PO Box

Gilbert Plains, Manitoba R0L 0X0

  1. (204)548-4131


Hamiota 55+ Centre & Restore

44 Maple Avenue

Hamiota, Manitoba R0M 0T0

(204) 764-2658

Pembina Community Resource Council

315 Main Street

Manitou, Manitoba R0G 1G0

(204) 242-2241

Municipality of Harrison Park

Age Friendly Initiative Committee

Sandy Lake, Manitoba R0J 1X0

(204) 585-5310

Pat Porter Active Living Centre

10 Chrysler Gate,

Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 2E6

(204) 320-4600

South Interlake 55 Plus

374 - 1st Street West

Oddfellows Hall

Stonewall, Manitoba R0C 2Z0

(204) 467-2582

Thompson Seniors Community

Resource Council Inc.

4 Nelson Road

Thompson, Manitoba R0E 2A0

(204) 677-0987

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