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Thursday, April 25th | North End

Sgt. Tommy Prince Place

90 Sinclair Street

Venue Host: TBA

Thursday, May 30th | Fort Rouge

Fort Rouge Leisure Centre

625 Osborne Street.

Venue Host: TBA

Thursday, May 23rd | Charleswood

Charleswood United Church

4820 Roblin Blvd.

Venue Host: TBA

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The Pros Know Expos are a unique Expo experience in its fourth year (2024), where we bring to you older adult friendly people, services and products to your neighbourhood. These are events showcasing Older Adult Organizations and the Older Adult Friendly Businesses we rely on to make life better.

This concept created right here in our fair city five years ago, is the brain-child of regular folks who understood that we as a community could do more for our health and collective well-being by bringing these resources into our various neighbourhoods, right to those in need.

We are grateful to once again have another year, 2024, to do just that.

If you have any helpful ideas or services suggestions we should consider, email us at prosknowexpos@gmail.com .  Please be patient, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have been wonderfully received by our older adult community and are at times, at tad busy. 

Thanks for your support!

What are the

Pros Know


The well-being of a community, any community, starts with a commitment by members of the community who are willing and passionate about the health and welfare of those in and out of their circles. 

These people, be it placed in caring older adult organizations or businesses, are dedicated to seeing and creating the infrastructure needed for a thriving

aging population.

We present many of these

amazing people to you!

Valued 2024 PKE Sponsor!