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Home base and current Show Dates & Locations.

All 2022 Pros Know Expos Dates, Locations & Details.

Our Partners & Advisory Group for our Expos.

News, PKE Senior Scope articles and ‘Trish’s Dishes’ for the Heart!

The Manitoba Association of Senior Communities - Listings and links.

Valuable links to many of our prized Senior Friendly Organizations!

WRHA Senior Resource Finders.  E.R.I.K. Kit information.

Our general Directory of Exhibitors, Venues, Organizations & Sponsors.

WPS Crime Prevention Programs & The Little Black Book of Scams!

Contact information on everything Pros Know Expos!

Table of Contents & Pages Guide. Click on the tab and enjoy!

Who, What & Where Department...

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Our Cherished & Valued Sponsors.

The well-being of a community, any community, starts with a

commitment by members of the community who are willing and

passionate about the health and welfare of those in and out of

their circles.  These people, be it placed in caring older adult

organizations or businesses, are dedicated to seeing and creating

the infrastructure needed for a thriving aging population.

We present many of these amazing people to you!

Thank You Winnipeg!

For a very successful 2023 Expos season. Our ‘NEW’ 2024 season kicks off on January 1st with our new website and dates | locations details!  Stay tuned!